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What began as a burial site for the Leslie family has expanded to include thousands of people, thus many sources have been used to gather information regarding burials in what is now called the Salem Pioneer Cemetery. The cemetery has been partially recorded several times over the years and manuscripts have been created from the results of looking at the various markers. Records of various local funeral homes, Oregon Death Indexes, Marion County Deeds and Probates have led us to some burials, many of which are not mentioned or marked in any other way. An ongoing effort to decipher spellings and dates from the markers and old handwritten records have resulted in some glaring discrepancies between the copier's eyes and the written material. What follows is a very select and somewhat incomplete listing of published and manuscript sources that are consulted and may be referenced in the individual burial entries. Discrepancies abound!


Personal stories being some of the base information, it is difficult to pinpoint where every piece of information has originated. Letters have revealed old photographs, Bible records and family traditions. Journals, diaries and family scrapbooks (most privately held) are a gold mine of information and often provide clues to others in the family that may have been buried here, as well. If you have information that should be mentioned, please send copies for inclusion in future updates of this website.


In some cases we have included a See Also in the Source section and that indicates that we have not added the information from that source at this point but wanted to note that additional information is available. We have also included contact information for those who may also be related or have provided us with data – but only if they have given us permission to include their email or address.


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Death Certificates for the City of Portland began in 1881 and for the State of Oregon in 1903. Many unreported deaths were the norm for the first ten or more years of the effort. We have tried to find death certificates or certificate information for as many of our residents as possible. There are still gaps in coverage, such as all the 1906 certificates are missing for Marion County. Indexes have been created and microfilmed and are available in libraries throughout the State of Oregon. Copies of the indexes are now available on a CD published by Ancestry, (Oregon Vital Records: 1903-1998) which does not include the early City of Portland Deaths (City of Portland Death Register 1881-1917).


ODI = Oregon Death Indexes.
OSBH = Death Certificate information from Oregon State Board of Health (Original title of the Dept.)


Copies of Death Certificates which occurred fifty, or more, years ago, are available from:

800 Summer St. NE, Salem, OR 97310
URL: http://arcweb.sos.state.or.us/

Death Certificates for deaths less than fifty years ago are available only from:


P.O. Box 14050, Portland, OR 97293-0050
URL: http://www.ohd.hr.state.or.us/chs/vstats.cfm

In some cases we have added birthdates and spouse from information contained in the Oregon Death Index. We have also added birthdates from the Social Security Death Index available on the web.

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I.O.O.F. Chemeketa Lodge #1 took on the responsibility for the cemetery about 1853 and drew up the present layout of the cemetery about 1856 and sold lots configured for 16 body burials. It is estimated that there are markers for perhaps only a third of the 8200+ people buried here.

The City of Salem has been the owner of the Salem Pioneer Cemetery since 1950's. Records of burial were created from unidentified sources by the Regional Parks Agency. A project to copy the grave markers was undertaken in the 1960’s and lot diagrams were included for most of the lot records. The loose leaf binders are held at the Parks and Recreation Department (now called the Parks Operations Division) offices in the Salem Civic Center. Copies have been placed at the offices of City View Cemetery and Marion County Historical Society. Two database listings appear to have been created. A typewritten index and printouts from 1980's are all that is presently available. The index contains only the name and the lot number, if known. This list has been the start point of the present database. A number of errors are being resolved as additional data is continually being added and up-dated.


Abbreviations connected with these records include items generated in recent years:

CI = City Index
LR = Lot Record
LD = Lot Diagram

IOOF = Oregon’s first Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF) was organized as Chemeketa Lodge #1 in Salem, Oregon in 1851. The stewardship of the cemetery on South Commercial began shortly thereafter in 1853.

IOOF Register = One of the earliest surviving record books was begun in 1870 and continued into 1925 and was copied from earlier records. This volume is the IOOF Register of Burials Another volume is a copy of the first but continues to 1914. These books record the burials in chronological order. Another volume was created after 1914 and lists burials in alpha order by first letter of the surname and then by chronological order and continues into the 1940's. Evidently the very first record book(s) are missing or lost, since we have only the markers to show who was buried here prior to 1870.

Two Lot Owner Volumes were created and we are adding information from those two Volumes using:
IOOF Lot Owner I = Lots 1 thru 400
IOOF Lot Owner II = Lots 1 thru 900+

Owner Map = A large map showing the owners was created in 1966 by W. J. Reaney. It is being recreated for the website. Two other maps showing lot numbers have been filed with the Marion County Recorder of Deeds. They are not cited in the database, since no names are shown, but will be available in the history.


DAR = Daughters of the American Revolution: Chemeketa Chapter. CEMETERIES OF MARION COUNTY [OREGON]. Part IV: Tombstone Records in the Odd Fellows Cemetery at Salem, Oregon compiled by Mrs. Edwin A. Jory, [ca. 1938]. typescript, n.p.


S&H = Ethel Shipman and Barbara Hanshew compiled a partial listing of the IOOF Cemetery about 1971 in typescript format. It was their intent to publish but the project was never completed. A draft copy was given to Erma Skyles Brown--"to be used in any way she saw fit" and we were gifted with permission to use a copy. Marion County Historical Society retains a copy, as well as, the Oregon State Library and Willamette Valley Genealogical Society.

Spencer Leonard = Spencer Leonard, as a member of the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR), compiled lists of soldiers who were buried throughout the state of Oregon prior to the 1940’s and 1950’s. His files have been placed in the Genealogical Forum of Oregon in Portland. He listed less than 10 soldiers for Pioneer.


P. O. Box 4267, Portland, OR 97242-0567
Library only-- Not a mail address: 1505 SE Gideon, Portland, OR
Fax: 561-325-7676
URL: http://www.gfo.org/
E-mail: info@gfo.org

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Early carpenters and furniture dealers were the people who provided coffins and caskets for burials prior to the 1880’s and Salem was no exception. Many of them would "undertake" to help with the preparations needed to properly dispose of a body after death, hence the word "undertaker" identified these men in Business and City Directories. The funeral homes that follow are not the only ones that arranged for burial but they do account for most of the burials in Salem Pioneer Cemetery.


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The earliest known undertaker (and later "embalmer") in the Salem area was William Graves who was well established in the Salem area by 1871 where he placed an advertisement in the City Directory for that year.

The following appears in the 1880 Salem City Directory:

UNDERTAKING. Wm. Graves, whose business is located just south of the post office, has been engaged in undertaking business for over twenty years. He keeps a good stock of caskets and coffins, ranging from high to very low prices, and superintends funerals in and out of the city. Mr. G. makes furniture of all kinds to order.

No known burial records have been found for Mr. Graves, but he has been noted as the person in charge of arrangements in a few obituaries. He may have been a grave digger, as well.

h k h k h k h

Barrick = What is now known as Barrick Funeral Home was established in 1878 by Aldin M. Clough, an early day undertaker in the Salem area. He is listed as a cabinet maker in the 1880 census of North Salem, age 38 and born in Vermont. Aldin M. Clough was also a partner with A. H. Olinger in the Sash and Door business on Front Street. Later A. H. Olinger and W. T. Rigdon had a partnership.

Clough, A. M. Furniture and Cabinet Maker and Undertaker – The shop and office of A. M. Clough is at 107 State street. Here he does furniture making and cabinet making to order. He also repairs all kinds of furniture, and contracts for counters, railings, etc. He is also a reliable undertaker, keeping a complete assortment of wood and metallic caskets, burial robes, and everything in the undertakers line. He has a heavier line of undertaking goods than ever before. Mr. Clough is a very reliable and accommodating business man. Oregon Statesman, Jan. 1, 1891, 12:5.

By 1900 the following appears in an Oregon Statesman Supplement in January:

A. M. Clough & Company have just received their new hearse from the factory in the east. It is a thing of beauty and is the only one of modern design in the Capital City. This car is to be used in connection with their white hearse, which by the way, is the only one in the state outside of Portland, and enables the firm to furnish a fine service for funeral.

A. M. Clough continued as an undertaker at 107 State Street location into 1905 when he was also appointed?elected as Marion County Coroner. He held that office for at least ten years. He moved his offices to 445 Court St. by 1907, taking a partner, Uriah J. Lehman, who formerly was associated with W. T. Rigdon. Later the company was also known as; Lehman & Clough (bef 1911-13), Webb & Clough (1915-21, 495 Court St.), Webb’s Funeral Parlors (1926-27, 205 S.Church at Ferry), Clough-Houston (1928), Clough-Taylor (1930-31) and Clough-Barrick (1938-39).


Clough-Barrick Co. Mortuary
A. M. Clough
Dr. L. E. Barrick
V. T. Golden
Phone 5151
Church at Ferry St.

The above advertisement was found in the Oregon Statesman, Oct. 31, 1931, 5:7.

The company is currently known as Barrick Funeral Home and owned and managed by Gregory L. Barrick. Earliest record books start in 1900’s.

205 Church St. SE, Salem, OR 97301

h k h k h k h

CV = City View Cemetery and Mt. Crest Abbey and Mausoleum, 390 Hoyt St. S., Salem, OR 97302. City View Cemetery was incorporated in January of 1893 by Jason Porter Frizzell who had purchased the property from the Baskett and Headrick families. Many people arranged to have their loved ones placed in the "new" cemetery from less desirable or abandoned locations. The GAR Circle was an attraction to many families who wanted to honor their relative’s service in the Civil War. Embalming and Burial services have been offered since the beginning.

Mt. Crest Abbey and Mausoleum was also located on the City View property and opened in 1914. The business was owned and operated by various people over the years until it was purchased by City View Cemetery Association in ____. This enterprise made cremation available locally to the public for the first time, along with entombment in the Mausoleum, if desired.

Mr. Herman M. Johnston, formerly with Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, California, was hired as manager of City View in 1940 and then aquired the City View Cemetery Association in April of 1950 from the three previous owners. Operations have continued to the present day by relatives of Herman Johnston and his wife Leta. William and Fern Hilts became owner in 1970 and his son Richard Hilts is the current owner and nephew of Leta. Michael Garcia joined as manager in 1990’s.

City of Salem and Richard Hilts have been monitoring the burials in Pioneer Cemetery since the late 1960’s. A set of the record books (created by the city) for Salem Pioneer Cemetery are kept in the offices at City View and may be consulted for information. Contact: info@city-view.org

390 Hoyt St. S., Salem, OR 97302
E-Mail info@city-view.org
URL: www.city-view.org
h k h k h k h

Golden = Virgil T. Golden was a Salem native, born in 1895. He started one of Salem’s first ambulance services in 1920. He entered the funeral service in the mid-1920’s working with A. M. Clough and L. E. Barrick. He and his wife, Grace S. opened their own business in 1949 at 605 Commercial St. Their son Thomas Golden continued the business and now his son, Thomas Golden, Jr. has entered the business. The Virgil T. Golden Funeral Service & Oakleaf Crematory is now a three-generation owned business here in Salem.

605 Commercial St., Salem, OR 97301
E-Mail info@golden-funeralservice.com
URL: www.golden-funeralservice.com

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Howell = Howell-Edwards-Doerksen Chapel of the Gardens and Rigdon-Ransom Colonial Chapel is now part of the Alderwoods Group. Leston J. Howell was associated with the Salem Mortuary when Mr. Edwards merged his business with the Walker - Howell Funeral Home which was located at 545 North Capital St. and known as The Salem Mortuary. Leston W. Howell had been associated directly and indirectly with mortuary work in the Salem area for 30 years previous to the merger with Charles C. Edwards in 1939. After Mr. Howell’s death in 1958, the old Salem Mortuary building, dating back to 1928, was purchased by the State of Oregon and became part of the Capitol Mall development in 1966. A new building was opened that year at 1350 Commercial St. SE. Charlie Edwards’ son Lee Edwards was part owner by that time and by 1958 had added another partner, Jim Doerksen. The Doerksen name was added to the firm name in 1970. With the acquisition of the Rigdon-Ransom business in 1999, the records r esources were further increased.

1350 Commercial St. SE, Salem, OR 97302
h k h k h k h

Rigdon = Winfield Taylor Rigdon, known as Taylor Rigdon, pioneered across the plains to Oregon with his parents in 1860. During his lifetime Mr. Rigdon served Oregon and the Willamette Valley well -- as a member of the House of Representatives, as a teacher, as a druggist, as an author and as a mortician. He first was an undertaker in the community of Jefferson. He wrote about his experiences in poetry format and called it: CROSSING THE PLAINS IN 1860. Mrs. Rigdon, who was Martha Jane Smith of Jefferson, was also a pioneer crossing the Isthmus of Panama with her parents, arriving on Christmas Day in 1859.

In 1891, Mr. Rigdon purchased the Rotan Undertaking Parlors of many years standing in Salem and established the W. T. Rigdon & Co. under his own name; thus having available the oldest funeral records in this community. He was an undertaker and embalmer in partnership with Albert T. Olinger and located at the corner of Liberty and Court streets according to the 1893 Obenauer City Directory of Salem and Marion County. By 1896 the business address was at 109 Court St. By 1902 W. T. Rigdon is the sole owner and the business address is shown as 140 and 142 Court St. In 1909 W. T. Rigdon & Co., is operating at 456 Court St. and Uriah J. Lehman is a partner. An advertisement refers to Black & White hearses being available. In 1913 Rigdon – Richardson are doing business at 252 High St.

Mr. Rigdon pioneered modern embalming methods on the West Coast. He was the first in the area to use arterial embalming. The business continued for many more years under several changes of title. Charles Claggett was the manager when Mr. Rigdon’s three daughters; Harriet Rigdon Mercer, Leila E. Rigdon and Winnifred Rigdon Herrick owned the business into the 1970’s. It was last known as Rigdon – Ransom Colonial Chapel. In 1999, the business was sold to the Howell – Edwards - Doerkson Funeral Home and Rigdon - Ransom was added to their title soon after.

The old Rigdon record books (minus two missing years) are now in the safekeeping of Howell-Edwards. These records are being committed to a database by Beverly McDougal. An early listing of the burials was made by Ella Vick as a DAR project and covered the years --to-- and cards were filed in the OREGON INDEX at the:

250 Winter St. NE, Salem, OR 97310
URL: http://www.osl.state.or.us/home/

h k h k h k h

Terwilliger = J. Clyde Sill established the Salem Undertaking Co. at 303 Court St. prior to 1907 and was later listed as President and Manager of Cottage Undertaking Parlors at 293 N. Cottage in 1909. He is also listed as President of Capital City Burial Association in 1909. George Edward Terwilliger had acquired the business by 1911 and continued to operate under that name for many years. It was in a lovely Victorian home at the corner of Cottage and Chemeketa Streets. George had married a lady embalmer by 1916 and they operated the business for several years before she died in 1933. He then added a partner, Mr. Charles C. Edwards and the business was then known as Terwilliger-Edwards and later as Edwards Terwilliger Funeral Home at 770 Chemeketa St. until 1944.

At this time the business became known as Howell – Edwards when Mr. Edwards merged his business with the Walker - Howell Funeral Home which was located at 545 North Capital St. and known as The Salem Mortuary. Leston J. Howell had been associated directly and indirectly in mortuary work in the Salem area for the previous 30 years. After Mr. Howell’s death in 1958, the old Salem Mortuary building, dating back to 1928, was purchased by the State of Oregon and became part of the Capitol Mall development in 1966. A new building was opened that year at 1350 Commercial St. SE. Charlie Edwards’ son Lee Edwards was part owner by that time and by 1958 had added another partner, Jim Doerksen. Doerksen was added to the firm name in 1970. With the acquisition of the Rigdon-Ransom business in 1999, the record resources were further increased.

The Terwilliger record holdings have recently been published in two volumes: TERWILLIGER FUNERAL HOME RECORDS Vol. 1 (Deaths 9 May 1909 thru 18 Oct. 1925) and Vol. 2 ( 1925 thru 28 Aug. 1940) pub. 1998 by Willamette Valley Genealogical Society, P. O. Box 2083, Salem, OR 97308.


The old newspaper files on microfilm are especially helpful and we have tried to include death notices and obituary items, with citations, for each person found to be buried here. These are some of the microfilmed newspapers that we may have consulted:

Argus Oregon City Argus, Oregon City, 18?? to
CJ Capital Journal, Salem, 1889 to 1978
CP Capital Press, Salem,
Itemizer Itemizer Observer of Dallas, Oregon
OJ Oregon Journal, Salem, 1900 to 19??
OS Oregon Statesman, Salem; weekly 1851 to ___ and then began a daily edition to 1987 when it combined with the Capital Journal.
WOS Weekly Oregon Statesman
Oregonian Oregonian, published in Portland, Oregon from 1861 to date
PCA Pacific Christian Advocate,
Record Salem Daily Record, 1867
SA Silverton Appeal, Silverton, Oregon.
S/J Statesman-Journal, after combining publications of the Capital Journal and the Oregon Statesman in 1987 to date
Spec Oregon Spectator, Oregon City, 1846-1856
Tel Telegram, Portland, 1879 to 1931; name changed to News Telegram and continued until
Unionist Salem Unionist,



Atlas = HISTORICAL ATLAS MAP of MARION & LINN COUNTIES. E. Williams & Co., 1878. Also in reprint by Marion County Historical Society.


BB = "Beaver Briefs" quarterly published by the Willamette Valley Genealogical Society, P. O. Box 2083, Salem, OR 97308.

Capitol’s = WHO’S WHO for OREGON: 1948-49, compiled and published by Capitol Pub. Co., Portland, Oregon.

Carey = Carey, Charles Henry. HISTORY OF OREGON. The Pioneer Historical Publishing Co., Chicago, 1922. Vols. 2 - 3.

Chapman = Scrapbook compiled by Miss Rhoda "Oda" Chapman of Salem, Oregon and held by Marion County Historical Society.

Clark = Clark, Robert Carlton. HISTORY OF THE WILLAMETTE VALLEY, OREGON. S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., Chicago 1927. Vols. 2-3

CMW = Bell, Susan N. CAPITAL MONUMENTAL WORKS: CONTRACTS 1918-1947. Pub. by Willamette Valley Genealogical Society, P. O. Box 2083, Salem, OR 97308. Vol. 1, pub. 198? Vol. 2, pub. 2002.

Corning = Corning, Howard McKinley. DICTIONARY OF OREGON HISTORY. Binford & Mort, Portland, Oregon. C. 1956.

Cronise = Seyl, Susan K. & George Champlin. The ART PERFECTED: PORTRAITURE from the CRONISE STUDIO. Oregon Historical Society Press, Portland, OR 1980. Published in conjunction with a traveling exhibition which opened in Portland Dec. 18, 1980 at the Oregon Historical Society. Cronise Studio was located in Salem, Oregon from late 1890’s and indexed at the Oregon Historical Society Library.

Dobbs = Dobbs, Caroline. MEN OF CHAMPOEG: A RECORD OF THE LIVES OF THE PIONEERS WHO FOUNDED THE OREGON GOVERNMENT. Metropolitan Press, Portland, Oregon, 1932.

Downs = Downs, Robert Horace. A HISTORY OF THE SILVERTON COUNTRY. Berncliff Press, Portland, Oregon, 1926.

Duniway = Duniway, David. SOUTH SALEM PAST: Illustrated Historical Essays. Compiled from articles published in the South Salem News, Nov. 2, 1982 - July 30, 1985. Pub. By Marion County Historical Society, Salem, Oregon, 1987.

ENB 1 = ENCYCLOPEDIA of NORTHWEST BIOGRAPHY. New York, The American Historical Co., 1941.

ENB 2 = ENCYCLOPEDIA of NORTHWEST BIOGRAPHY. New York, The American Historical Co., 1943.

Gaston = Gaston, Joseph. THE CENTENNIAL HISTORY OF OREGON, 1811-1912. S. J. Clarke Pub. Co., 1912. Vols. 2 - 4.

GenMat = GENEALOGICAL MATERIAL IN OREGON DONATION LAND CLAIMS, published by Genealogical Forum of Portland, Oregon. 5 vols.

Glimpses = GLIMPSES OF HISTORIC SOUTH SALEM by David Duniway. South Salem News, Publisher, 178 Harvard Ct. SE, Salem, OR 97302. Pub. 1972.

Hafen = Hafen, LeRoy Reuben. THE MOUNTAIN MEN AND THE FUR TRADE OF FAR WEST … Glendale, CA., A. H. Clark, Co., 1965-1972. 10 Vols.

HBB = HISTORY of the BENCH and BAR of OREGON. Historical Pub. Co., 1910.

Hines = Hines, Harvey K. AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY of the STATE of OREGON … Lewis Pub. Co., 1893.

HPN 2 = HISTORY of the PACIFIC NORTHWEST: Oregon and Washington … Portland, OR, North Pacific History Co., 1889. Vol. 2.

Hodgkin = Hodgkin, Frank E. PEN PICTURES of REPRESENTATIVE MEN of OREGON by Frank E. Hodgkin and J. J. Galvin. Portland, OR, Farmer and Dairymen Pub. Co., 1882.

Kincaid = Kincaid, Harrison Rittenhouse. POLITICAL and OFFICIAL HISTORY and REGISTER of OREGON. Salem, OR, 1899. (Appendix to 20th biennial report of Oregon Secretary of State, 1897-1898)

Lang = Lang, Herbert O. HISTORY of the WILLAMETTE VALLEY. Himes & Lang, 1885.

Larsell = Larsell, Olaf. THE DOCTOR in OREGON. Portland, Oregon, 1947.

Lockley = Lockley, Fred. HISTORY of the COLUMBIA RIVER VALLEY FROM THE DALLES to the SEA. Chicago, S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., 1928.

McCall = McCall Scrapbook. Scrapbook in possession of the Oregon State Library in Oregoniana collection. (*040/M125/McCall/MSF)

MCH = MARION COUNTY HISTORY, occasional publications numbering 14 in small size and several volumes in larger format by the Marion County Historical Society, 120 12th St., Salem, OR 97301. E-Mail: mchs@open.org URL: http://www.open.org/~mchs/

McArthur = McArthur, Lewis A. OREGON GEOGRAPHIC NAMES. 6th ed. Oregon Historical Society Press, 1992.

OPAT = Oregon Pioneer Association. Transactions. Portland, 1872-1928.

ONS = Oregon Native Son. Oregon Native Son Publishing Co., Portland. May 1899 - Mar.1901

PBRP = PORTRAIT & BIOGRAPHICAL RECORD of PORTLAND and VICINITY, Oregon… Chicago, Chapman Publishing Co., 1903.

Chicago, Chapman Pub. Co., 1903.


Republican = REPUBLICAN LEAGUE REGISTER, A RECORD of the REPUBLICAN PARTY in the STATE of OREGON … Portland, Register Pub. Co., 1896.

Steeves = Steeves, Sarah Hunt. BOOK OF REMEMBRANCE, 1840 - 1860, Pioneers of Marion County, Oregon. Berncliff Press, Portland, OR, 1927.

Victor = Victor, Frances Fuller. EARLY INDIAN WARS of OREGON. Salem, 1894.



Polk = POLK’S SALEM (MARION COUNTY, OREGON) CITY DIRECTORY (or variant titles). Pub. by R. L. Polk & Co., Los Angeles, CA. Salem Public Library holds the following years: 1889-90; 1891; 1893; 1896; 1902; 1905; 1907-08; 1909-1910; 1911; 1913; 1915; 1915; 1917; 1921; 1924; 1926-27; 1928-29; 1930-31; 1932; 1934; 1935; 1939-39; 1940-41; 1942; 1945; 1947; 1949; 1951; 1953-54; 1955; 1957 thru 1965; 1966-67; 1968; 1971 thru 1982; 1984; 1985; 1986; 1988 thru 1991; 1993; 1996; 1995-1996.

USCensus = The US Federal Census records of Oregon that are open to the public cover the years 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920 and 1930. They can be accessed at the National Archives in Washington, DC or any of the Regional Archives. Collections in Oregon are known to be available at the Oregon State Archives, Oregon State Library and Genealogical Forum of Oregon in Portland. Many have been published by local genealogical societies.

YAMHILL = O'Neil, Shirley H., Yamhill County Pioneers, Study of the Inhabitants Listed in the 1850 Federal Census of Yamhill County, Oregon, 2004. 2 vols.

1871 = The SALEM DIRECTORY FOR 1871: Embracing a General Directory of Residents and Business Directory, Together with a Diagram of the City and The History of Salem … comp. By J. Henry Brown. Published by Snyder & Cook. Salem, Oregon: E. M. Waite, Book and Job Printer (Successor to A. L. Stinson) 1871.

1873 = OREGON BUSINESS DIRECTORY and STATE GAZETTEER comp. By John Mortimer Murphy. S. J. McCormick, Pub., Portland, Oregon.

1874 = The SALEM DIRECTORY; Embracing Resident and Business Directory, for 1874 and the Charter and Ordinances of the City, Together with History and Law of Titles to Real Estate in Salem, by J. Quinn Thornton, Esq. E. M. Waite & W. P. Keady, Pubs., 1874.

1878 = The SALEM DIRECTORY for 1878; Embracing a General Directory of Residents and Business Directory, Together with Valuable Statistical Information, and a Diagram of the City comp. By J. H. Brown. Pub. by Mrs. C. D. Snyder, printed by A. L. Stinson, Book and Job Printers, 1878.

1880 = The DIRECTORY of the CITY of SALEM: 1880 Embracing a General Directory of Residents, and a Business Directory, Together with the Charter and Laws of Salem, A Diagram of the City and a vast . . Bynon & Steel, Publishers, Salem, Oregon; Mrs. A. L. Stinson, Book & Job Printer, 1880.

1886 = The SALEM DIRECTORY for 1886; Embracing a General Directory of Residents and Business Directory, Together with other Matter of Interest and a Diagram of the City… Cronise & Herren, Pubs., Salem, Oregon, 1886.

1893 = Wm. G. Obenauer & Co.’s DIRECTORY of SALEM and MARION COUNTY, 1893. Wm. G. Obenauer & Co., Pub. Portland, Oregon

1895 = Oregon, Marion County, 1895 [State] Census. Transcribed from a manuscript copy in the Oregon State Archives: #90A-16. Vol. 1, pub. 1993 and Vol. 2, pub. 2001 by the Willamette Valley Genealogical Society, P. O. Box 2083, Salem, Oregon 97308.

1905 = Oregon [State] Census of Marion County, 1905 comp. by Harriett Gaylord in 2 Volumes. Book 1 reprinted in 1998; Book 2, pub. 1999. Willamette Valley Genealogical Society, P. O. Box 2083, Salem, Oregon 97308.



1928 = CENSUS: JAPANESE POPULATION of OREGON, Oct. 1, 1928. Bureau of Labor, 1929. Copy in Oregon State Library.


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