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Salem Pioneer Cemetery ~ Sally Bush ~ part of the Marion County Pioneer Cemeteries of Oregon
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Sally Bush
BORN: 29 Oct 1860 DIED: 3 Nov 1946 BURIED: 5 Nov 1946
BIRTH PLACE:  Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
DEATH PLACE: Salem, Marion Co., Oregon
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Rites to Be at 2 p.m. Today For Sally Bush--Final rites will be held at 2 p.m. today for Miss Sally Bush, 86, pioneer daughter of one of Oregon’s best-known families, who died unexpectedly Sunday morning. The private services, at Miss Bush’s long-time home at Mission and S. Church, will be followed by interment in I.O.O.F. cemetery. Arrangements are in charge of W. T. Rigdon. 
Miss Sally Bush, known for many years for her quiet philanthropy, was the daughter of Asahel and Eugenia Zieber Bush, born Oct. 29, 1860 in a house which stood on the site of the present Bush home. Her mother died when Miss Sally was three years old. Her father, who founded the Ladd & Bush bank and The Oregon Statesman and was a financial leader in the state for many years, died in 1913. 
Survivors include her brother, A. N. Bush, long-time head of Ladd & Bush and more recently of the Pioneer Trust company; a grand nephew, Stuart Bush, and the latter’s son, Asahel, and a great grand niece, Margaret Anne Bush, daughter of Asahel Bush who was killed in the Pacific two years ago while serving as an Associated Press war correspondent. A sister of Miss Sally Bush, Eugenia Bush, died in 1935, and another sister, Estelle Bush Thayer, died in 1942. 

Miss Bush, 86, One of City’s First Citizens
Miss Sally Bush, 86, who died Sunday at her Mission and South Church street home, had spent her entire life in Salem with the exception of a few years in eastern schools. As a girl, Miss Bush went to the Sacred Heart Academy in Salem, and then attended Moravian Seminary at Bethlehem, Pa., from which her mother was graduated. She also went to the Martha Burnham school in Northampton, Mass., and then to Smith college where she finished with the class of '83. 
Returning to Salem then, she maintained the household for her father until he died, and since that time has kept up the home and spacious grounds which comprised one of Salem’s outstanding landmarks and show-places for many years. Miss Bush limited her affiliations primarily to the Unitarian church and the Salem Garden club and carried on her many charities without ostentation. 
Much of her time, since the death of her father in 1913, had been spent caring for her garden and its many rare shrubs and flowers gathered from all parts of the world. Her personal knowledge of the large collection made her widely recognized as an authority of floriculture. The wooded land and meadow which comprised the 100-acre Bush pasture tract, on which Miss Bush’s home is situated, eventually will become a park. Fifty-three acres of the tract were donated to the city by Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Bush 30 years ago, with the land to become a park commemorating Asahel Bush, father of Miss Sally and A. N. The city and Willamette university acquired the remaining 43 acres early this year, and work already has been started on Willamette’s portion where an athletic field is laid out. It is specified that with Miss Sally Bush’s death, the only portion of the tract which must remain unchanged during the lifetime of her brother, A. N. Bush, is that upon which the home is situated. The natural beauty of the home tract, enhanced by Miss Sally Bush’s own care during her long residence, has given rise to many expressions of hope that there will be little change in this area as developed. 
Oregon Statesman 5 Nov 1946 2:2.
Sally Bush 
1860 - 1946
S&H pg 27
OS 5 Nov 1946 1:6 
OS 5 Nov 1946 2:2

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